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Our Story

Liquid Metal Woodworking was born from the love of nature, family and the desire to try something new. Both Chris and I have always loved nature and when we were trying to decide what kind of business we wanted to start, woodworking seemed like a natural fit. Chris has spent his entire career working in the wood and timber industry. Because of this, it only seemed fitting that woodworking would be his passion. Adding resin to what we do only made it better and more amazing. Just like our pieces, each piece of wood is unique. That is one of the many things we love about our work. Providing functional art for our clients is the best gift we can give them. Coming from a culture where family and friends gather around food and drink being able to provide customized one of a kind pieces that our customers can share with their family is what makes our work fulfilling. We love everything about what we do. Even the “dirty work” There is something peaceful and fulfilling about creating functional art pieces. Time tends to get away from us as we work. But most of all teaching our children about nature and the beauty of the land they live off of is the legacy we want to leave behind for them. Every piece we make no matter how small is made with passion and dedication. Each piece tells a story. Sometimes the final product comes out differently from what we had envisioned but that is the beauty of the process. Most often it comes out better than we imagined. From the first pour, to the sanding, and polishing each step is a labor of love. 

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